Ram 1500 Reactable Tonneau Beg Cover RCC0101

Item Number: RCC0101 

Introducing the new manual retractable tonneau cover, the perfect companion to your truck bed. Designed with durability and functionality in mind, this aluminum lid aims to revolutionize the way you ship your goods.

Made of premium aluminum, this tonneau cover offers exceptional strength and weather resistance. Whether you’re facing sweltering heat, heavy rain, or freezing cold, this cover will keep your belongings safe. Its sturdy construction ensures it will stand the test of time, providing long-lasting protection for your valuable cargo.


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Product Name Pickup Tonneau Cover
Color Black
Material Aluminum
Feature Retractable, Manual 3 Gear
Loading capactiy 300KG
Accessories Rubber drain pipe, Thicken bracket, Install Tools
Car Brand Model Package Size (cm) N.W / G.W (kg)
Cherolet 2009+RAM1500 5.5FT 178*33*37.5cm 42.7/46.5KGS
Cherolet 2009+RAM1500 6.5FT 210*33*37.5cm 47.2/51KGS
Cherolet 2015+Silverado 5.8FT 182*33*37.5cm 44.2/48KGS
Cherolet 2015+GMC5.8FT 182*33*37.5cm 44.2/48KGS
Cherolet Colorado 161*33*37.5cm 36.2/40KGS
Ford 2012-2022 Ford RANGER 161*33*37.5cm 36.2/40KGS
Ford 2012+FORD F150 5.5FT 178*33*37.5cm 42.7/46.5KGS
Ford 2012+FORD F150 6.5FT 210*33*37.5cm 47.2/51KGS
Isuzu 2012-2022 Isuzu  D-max 161*33*37.5cm 36.2/40KGS
Mitsubishi 2016-2022  TRITON L200 161*33*37.5cm 35.2/39KGS
Nissan 2016-2022  Navara  NP300 161*33*37.5cm 36.2/40KGS
Toyota 2016-2022 Toyota Hilux Revo 161*33*37.5cm 36.7/40.5KGS
Toyota 2016-2022 Toyota vigo 161*33*37.5cm 36.7/40.5KGS
Toyota Toyota Hilux Extend 187*33*37.5cm 41.2/45KGS
Toyota Toyota Tundra 178*33*37.5cm 44.2/48KGS
Toyota 2014+Tacoma 5FT 161*33*37.5cm 36.2/40KGS
Toyota 2015+Tacoma 6FT 187*33*37.5cm 41.2/45KGS
Volkswagen 2010-2022 Volkswagen AMAROK 161*33*37.5cm 36.2/40KGS

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Product Advantages

One of the standout features of this tonneau cover is its manual retractable design. With an easy-to-use mechanism, you can easily retract and unfold the cover for quick and easy access to your truck bed. Say goodbye to the hassle of removing and storing bulky covers when you need to load and unload them - this cover eliminates that inconvenience entirely.

In addition to its function, this tonneau cover adds style to the look of your truck. Its understated design blends seamlessly with the lines of your vehicle, enhancing its overall aesthetic. Whether you are using your truck for work or pleasure, this cover will give it an elegant and professional look.

Installation is a breeze with this manually retractable rear hatch. With the user-friendly clip-on design, you can easily install and remove the cover without any modifications to the truck bed. The included step-by-step instructions ensure hassle-free installation, even for those with limited technical knowledge.

When it comes to safety, this tonneau cover has you covered. Its strong latch system keeps your items safe and prevents theft. Plus, the cover reduces wind resistance, improving fuel efficiency and saving money on refueling.

Maintenance of this tonneau cover is also a breeze. Its smooth aluminum surface makes it easy to clean, whether you're dealing with dust, mud, or any other debris. The case is fade and tarnish resistant, ensuring it will maintain a sleek look for years to come.

Buy the manual retractable tonneau cover today and experience the convenience, function and style it brings to your truck. Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional covers and upgrade to a modern and efficient solution. Trust the durability, strength, and safety of this cover and get peace of mind knowing your cargo is always protected.

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